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    Thank you for visiting our new Internet site.  What is Reflections Of Nature, LLC and why is our website HealthTrains?  Well, our website is HealthTrains because Reflections Of Nature dot com, dot net, and dot almost anything else was taken.  Reflections Of Nature is a multi-faceted company dealing in Health, Training and Trains.  Hence, we use the domain name healthtrains in our 2 websites: www.healthtrains.net
    We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us and our company.

    This site provides health information to all who wander here.  It also provides information about us, our hobbies, and our adventures.

    Click on the menu and links to the left to open the world of better health.




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    Barbara Lagoni & Steve Chaney:
    Critically Important Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients

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